Trump and the unleashed journalism

If one believes the media, the American president Donald Trump is a monster. He is said to be crazy and sex-obsessed, a chauvinist and a racist. The unleashed journalism, comparable to the unleashed capitalism, has thrown all inhibitions and scruples overboard. The coverage of American President Donald Trump is tantamount to a media execution. No one was so humiliated and insulted as Donald Trump.

„If you look into the recent past, you are in the middle of a media revelation, so to speak. Ever since the US elite bloc around Hillary Clinton lost the presidential election in November 2016, a battle for power has been raging openly among the elites, spilling over into Europe. The established „mainstream media“ („Washington Post“, „New York Times“, CNN, ABC, etc.) did not succeed in helping their candidate to win the election campaign. Now apparently all means are allowed to get rid of the democratically elected president Donald Trump in any way possible. In their frustration, the mainstream media are now making „manipulation“ a topic of discussion in the media itself. In doing so, they naturally think of the manipulations of the other side, less of their own actions. An interesting reversal. Mainstream media are currently experiencing a radical loss of credibility“.

Rudolf Seidel from Zeit-Fragen, Oct.2018

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Translated with (free version) and corrected by me Linda

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