Donald J. Trump „Is rightly“

So Russell Berman, Stanford Professor of German Studies and former advisor to the US State Department.

„We have seen mobs moving through the streets and toppling statues. They were lynch mobs, and I just wonder when they will start hunting living people, not just statues anymore.

Habermas, as you know, called some aspects of the student movement of the 1960s and 1970s „left-wing fascism,“ and I think that is an appropriate description of certain aspects of the current movement in the United States.

If Trump implements his program, we could achieve higher economic growth. This means higher employment rates, especially the reduction of unemployment among marginalized population groups. In addition, Trump is – in my opinion, rightly – advocating a fairer world trade policy, which in turn could have a positive impact on the American economy. I have already spoken of the cultural agenda, that is, the strengthening of a positive national consciousness, as Trump advocates.“ (End of quote).


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