Social Media CEO Says No to Germany’s Censorship

Ein amerikanischer Freund von mir „Texas Jack“, hat freundlicherweise einen meiner Beiträge bzw. den von GermanMediaWatch verarbeitet und dafür will ich mich bei Ihm ganz besonders bedanken. Thanks to Texas Jack. Make America Great again, again. Greetings from Germany Your linda.

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Special Message to Our American Readers From Europe

Governments today are obeying the New World Order plan of censorship across the globe.

It’s bad enough with socialist media–Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc. Obvious facts are proving truth and facts don’t matter to them.

Tainted leaders and their operatives are using Dark Money to force and shield their citizens from certain historical facts that they deem shameful.

A prime example of this is the Chinese Tiananmen Square incident. While this might not be as surprising coming from China, countries such as Australia or in the EU like Germany also have infiltrated towsrds censorship.

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Linda Levante, a regular reader of our site and fellow blogger from Germany, has requested we share the following information from both Gab and GermanMediaWatch.

Levante emphasized „it is also of interest for the Americans“ and without GermanMediaWatch, many of that country’s citizens would only have access…

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