Trump’s Wall – The best project ever

The politics of Trump is not interpreted with „wisdom“ from the system media. Trump’s politics calls for independent reflection.

I would like to give you a few alternative facts about the construction of the wall.

The border between the United States and Mexico is 3144 kilometers long. Georg W. Bush and Barack Obama built about 200 km of barbed wire fence. Gaps have been left so that illegal immigration can continue.

Trump now has the task of erecting a 3144 km long, massive, insurmountable wall.

The situation is made more difficult by the fact, that the ownership of individual plots of land must be clarified. The owners of the properties, mostly farmers, must be compensated. The farmers have hired lawyers, who want to extract as much money as possible. All this can take several years to complete his masterpiece.

Planning basics

Geographical conditions
The desert sand requires foundations that must be buried several meters into the sand. There are no roads and no water. Roads have to be built. Water must be transported to the long border for the construction work. Concrete foundations need water, lots of water. We are dealing with rocky ground, sandy soil, valleys and hills, and groundwater.

Climate conditions
Construction companies and construction workers will have to deal with the most difficult climatic conditions. In the desert, temperatures can reach up to 50 degrees Celsius.

The cost of the wall amounts to many millions of dollars. His first task will be to ensure the financing of the national project. The Mexicans will pay for it, at least proportionally, for example through import duties.

Construction site equipment planning
There is no electricity there. Without electricity there will be no wall either. Heavy construction equipment and building materials have to be transported and moved every 20 km, as well as the accommodations of the construction workers. The supply of food must be guaranteed. Food must be cooled. The resulting waste must be transported away. The construction site must be digitally monitored over the entire length. For this purpose, a central, digital monitoring building must be constructed, perhaps even several buildings.

Construction planning
The entire wall must be planned by engineers. Soil reports must be prepared. Not just one but many. Parallel to the planning the specifications are created. The tendered specifications have to be checked and only then will the contract be awarded.

Since this is a high security project, the project and the people employed there must be protected either by soldiers or private security services.

One should also bear in mind that the entire construction site is three times as long as Germany from north to south.

The logistics alone are a mammoth task.

No one, not even Trump, is able to build a wall 3144 km long within a few months. The wall is a construction project of superlatives.

Even Kennedy said, that some walls make the world a better place. Trump’s wall is a blessing for the Americans and the rest of the world.

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